Bike Athletic is the company that invented the jock strap/athletic supporter in 1874 when Bike Athletic Company began operations as the Bike Web Company.  Their first products were called the athletic supporter. Designed to provide support for the bicycle jockeys riding the cobblestone streets of Boston, the athletic supporter quickly became known as the “Bike® jockey strap.” Eventually the name was shortened to simply the “jock strap” and, Bike Athletic has now sold well over 300 million of them.  Click here to visit the official web site of the Bike Jock Strap.

Many bike enthusiasts complain that the current quality of the Bike Performance Jockstraps is not the same as the older style Bike #10 jocks.  Well those enthusiasts were delighted when Bike decided to come out with a remake of the white Bike #10 called the Bike Throwback Edition which is a remake of the older style white Bike #10.  This jock features a 3" waistband with red and blue tracer lines in the waistband.  Initially they made 6000 of them which sold out very quickly but they are releasing more at the start of March 2015.
White Bike Throwback Edition JockstrapBike Vintage Throwback Edition Jockstrap

Below are some pictures of Bike Athletic Supporters:

Bike # 10 3" Yellow Jockstrap
Discontinued Bike Classic Jockstrap in White

You will find a selection of both newer Bike products and some of the older Bike Swimmer Jocks and Bike #10 Products at

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